Now all of us photographers got the message

As far as government grants are concerned new surprises await us. The applicant photographers divided into categories of three ten and fifteen years. Artistic activity nor employees who prove previous service claim grants. That will be very difficult to achieve because. If the work they deliver does not receive the quality approval of the competent committee it will be withheld of the grant. An example of artistic respect and freedom. The conclusion foresees the grant of photographic editions monographs but in store for us yet another surprise. Eligibility for a grant is limited to established photographers.

The only reason for the artist to engage

That is to those who need it less since they T-Shirt Design Service could move forward on their own relying on their reputation. After all what does it mean to be an accomplished photographer and to what extent does this discount a high artistic level I wonder why the anonymous author of their conclusion is so afraid to rely on the quality of the work and tries throughout the text to correct many obstacles. Is it to exclude swindlers Or why he does not trust the judgment of the committees But the ruffians in any case will hardly be missing. It is better to subsidize two talents than to exclude all young amateur pure photography photographers for peace of mind.

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The end meant an end not an end

Herodias indeed logical. After all how will the DW Leads plurality which is often invoked in the conclusion be ensured if different committees do not choose different projects We are finally forced to remember Tolstoy who believed that the only reason for the artist to engage in politics is to defend himself from it. Art and knowledge once had as an ally and partner time and duration depth and substance. The goal was there for motivation and not for profit. The end meant an end not an end. Today the dimension of time is either deliberately ignored or unconsciously turned into an adversary. And what moves on the surface diligently hides the depths.

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