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The type of ad format you leverage will depend on the objectives of your ad campaign. An image-based ad is excellent for expanding your brand awareness. May include your company’s logo or a picture of the specific product you provide. In contrast, a video ad is highly effective when you need help explaining a more complex product or service. These types of ads are effective when search volume for a specific keyword may not be so high. But you have an idea of what kinds of websites or places your target audience hangs out online.

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Display ads are essential for established brands that need to keep the brand at the forefront. You can get millions of impressions over a short period of time and funnel traffic to your website or landing pages where Dominican Republic Phone Number List customers can find out more detailed information about your services or immediately get in contact with you. 4. Bring Potential Customers Back to Your Site with Remarketing Going hand in hand with display ads is a tactic known as remarketing or retargeting.

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We’ve all visited websites that we’ve browsed but didn’t necessarily buy something on. But have you ever been on a website that you have visited that you then started to see ads for as you browsed other sites online? This is what we call remarketing. Using cookies, this highly effective method of exposure gets your ad out in front of your DW Leads prospective customers time and time again, increasing the likelihood that they will remember they were on your website and prompt them to revisit and purchase from you. Even if they don’t purchase immediately when they first visit your website, the psychology behind this persistent advertising is proven to have more than a 50% success rate of getting customers to purchase from you on a subsequent visit.

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