Optimize Your WordPress Blog for Search Engines

After having toured the interesting plugins to install. On your wordpress blog, we will see today how to optimize it for DW Leads search engines. Setting up seo plugins. Creating and submitting a sitemap to google, good practices… here are some steps to follow to appear. Well in the results of google & co… before you start optimizing… web marketing training it’s important to. Know what phrases your potential readers type into search engines. To do this, a semantic audit must be carried out. Start by writing down all the keywords that come to mind, ask your relatives also what keywords. They would type to find your blog. Also take a look at the keywords of your main competitors.

1st Step: Install and Configure the WordPress Plugins Dedicated to Seo

Once this first brainstorming is done, go to google’s keyword tool . Fill in the keywords or urls of similar sites. For the tool to suggest a list of expressions. Export the different results in excel to Spanish phone numbers then sort and keep only. The most judicious keywords in relation to your activity. Your list of keywords completed, keep it in view during. The optimization work. For more details on the semantic audit, you can read the article “ choose the right. Keywords for optimization: the semantic audit ” from our file “ tips and tricks for successful seo ” dating from. 2007 but including still lots of useful information.

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Configuration of All in One Seo

1st step: install and configure the wordpress plugins dedicated to seo… in the previous post “ selection of the 15 most useful wordpress plugins ”, i told you about two essential seo plugins: all in one seo and google xml sitemap . The first will optimize your blog pages and the second will create a sitemap file to submit to search engines. The homepage, unlike the posts, will be optimized by hand. Write a title and a description including the keywords found during the semantic audit. For the keywords tag, it is not necessary to fill it. If you absolutely want to fill it in, indicate the 10 most searched keywords of your selection.

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