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Because we don’t have unlimite resources, it’s impossible to target all of these keywords. Let’s use the filters to focus on low medium difficulty and high volume opportunities. content gap best opportunities The low difficulty level means they’re easier to rank while the solid search volume means the ranking will give our search traffic a nice boost. However, some of these keywords look like they are the ones we already found in the previous step. So I’m only going to add the top five new keywords to my spreadsheet. content gap . Find competitor’s most popular content Keyword research is still a critical part of SEO, but today, Google’s understanding of the intent behind search queries is arguably better than ever.

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Because of this a page can easily rank for Armenia Phone Number List hundreds or even thousands of long-tail keywords . By finding our competitors’ top pages, we can find out which of their items rank for a lot of keywords. attract a lot of search traffic. Then we can write about those topics and get some sweet. Long-tail traffic. To do this, we can use Ahrefs Site Explorer ‘s Top Pages report . Note that we are intereste in finding blog posts, so whenever possible we nee to search the blog folder URL subdomain as opposeto the entire domain. Site Explorer Enter Competitor Domain Prefix Mode Top Pages top pages ahrefs PER TIP Not sure where your competitor’s blog is locate? Check the Top Folders report in Site Explorer and look for the blog path.

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Top subfolders ahrefs If you can’t find anything there, check the Top subdomains report instead . Some websites host their blog on a subdomain. adioma DW Leads blog subdomain In any case, make sure that the traffic percentage for the subfolder subfolders is in the double digits. If not, then it’s likely that the blog posts aren’t embedde in that URL structure. In this case, stick with a domain search. Well, one thing to note about this report is that websites often have many referring domains on pages with the most organic traffic. This is hardly surprising since backlinks are a powerful ranking factor. So let’s search through this report for each participant and look at the RD column. What we’re looking for are sites with a lot of traffic but not too many referring domains as those will likely be a lot easier to fight.


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