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So it would make sense to create a YouTube video to try and rank for that term. USE AHREFS KEYWORDS EXPLORER TO VERIFY THIS FURTHER It makes perfect sense that people would search YouTube for terms like “HTML tutorial” rather than Google. But in some cases you will question the validity of this data. As a second way to verify that searchers actually prefer video over written content, paste your term into Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer . Then check the SERP overview. video result serps serp overview ahrefs If you see any video results ranking in Google, chances are that Google has identified that searchers want to see video results related to that topic. So you can be sure that there is sufficient search volume on YouTube for this term.

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Closing words Google Trends wasn’t made for Denmark Cell Phone Number List content marketers or SEO experts. But you see that it can be of great help. Certainly there are other tools that are solely geared towards content marketing and keyword research. However, you won’t find any of the features specific to Google Trends in any other tool. And of course, no other tool gives you the latest data on what ‘s trending right now . Do you use Google Trends for your marketing? I look forward to your tips and tricks. Translated by Sebastian Simon. Sebastian Simon has been involved with SEO since , currently he does it at seven-bytes.de and heine.de. How to Run an SEO Competitor Analysis Template Included Joshua Hardwick November.

Denmark Phone Number List

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Deutsch Avatar Joshua Hardwick Head of Content Ahrefs or, in simple terms, I’m the guy who makes sure every blog post is EPIC . Article Statistics Monthly traffic Linking of websites Data fromContent Explorer. Share this article If you’re planning a new online business or just plain tired of losing out to competitors in organic search, then you should DW Leads conduct an SEO competitor analysis. Your competitors are a goldmine of information that can enrich every aspect of your SEO strategy and skyrocket your website’s organic traffic. Specifically, performing an SEO competitor analysis allows you to Find out what works and what doesn’t in your industry. Find your competitors’ weaknesses and exploit them. Find your competitors’ strengths and replicate them.


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