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They prevent any page rank authority from those backlinks from flowing around your site. Fortunately, such problems are quite easy to fix. You can od to strengthen the authority of money sites Link building isn’t easy, but building links to money sites can feel almost impossible. Ecommerce Product Category Pages Landing Pages Affiliate sites reviews, etc. Service Pagy are all a nightmare when it comes to link building . The solution use the “middleman method.” It goes something like this Create a piece of thematically relevant informational content e.g. a blog post Create links on this topic Add internal links from this page to your money page Indeed, the blog post becomes the middleman. This is actually an SEO strategy that we use at Ahrefs to improve our landing pages.

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Here is the internal backlinks report in Site Benin Phone Number Explorer filtered to show internal links in our Keywords Explorer tool from our blog posts pasted image interne Links In other words, we constantly link to our Keywords Explorer landing page from within our blog posts. And some of our posts have serious page-level authority. best by links ahrefs blog Now, if you already have informational content related to the money side that you want to increase. Then this process is easy. Use the internal linking tactics mentioned in point to find contextually relevant opportunities. If you don’t already have such content, then you need to create something that has the potential to earn some good links. There are many ways to achieve this, but here’s a simple place to start Find relevant content that contains lots of links.

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Do something even better Convince those linking to the now inferior content to exchange that link for your better one Learn more about how to implement this strategy here . IMPORTANT It’s always better to build direct links to your money pages DW Leads whenever possible. That’s because the middleman is making a cut at authority. Not all of the link juice is transferred to this site via internal links. Some of it flows through other internal links on the page and some stays with the page itself. But while this may seem like a negative link, that’s often not the case. Because the “Middleman” page can be ranked by informative keywords that will send more targeted traffic your way. This can be invaluable to your business.


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