Photo graffiti? really cool

Meitus drawing tools allow you to draw on photos, doodle on images, doodle on pictures, and write on your designs. You can use the drawing tools to create the way you want choose from pencils, brushes or spray paint to give your designs a fun, sketchy, custom look. Professional users can get extra painting fun with the super cool professional brush option. Choose from glitter and foils, watercolors, highlighters, sketchbooks, and more also, you can change the shape of the brush head for a more stylish look. Plus, every drawing you make is saved as its own layer, which means you can apply textures or effects to it and, save the drawing on a transparent background as a png for a cool custom sticker or logo that you can use over and over again.

Let’s learn how to use the drawing tools!

Lets learn how to use the drawing tools the drawing is now its photo background removing own layer, and you can further customize it like any graphic overlay in meitu. Second, detailed steps how to draw on the photo now, lets dive into the details and learn. Stepbystep how to create designs using drawing tools. Plus, a little extra tip at the end on how to create your own graphs using plots. 1. Open your photo in meitu xiuxiu to get started, first click new from the meituxiu homepage and choose where to store your images. No image no problem browse our vast library of stock photos to find images to paint. Consider that the photo has enough space for your drawing or handwriting. Also consider contrast for example, if the photo is too dark, painting colors on it may not work well.

photo background removing

 Adjust the stroke and color

Now is a great time to make any adjustments to DW Leads your photo, so crop or remove the background, apply filter effects, or adjust colors before you start painting. 2. Select the drawing tool use drawing tools select the pencil icon from. The tools tab menu on the left to open the drawing tools. Youll see three different drawing techniques to choose from pencil, brush or spray. Paint choose the drawing tool you wish to use. After choosing a drawing technique, the adjustment panel will display all available options to customize the appearance of the drawing. Use the size, hardness, and intensity sliders to adjust the look of your. Brushstrokes and choose the color you want to use weve got six popular colors for you, but you can. Choose from the spectrum tab choose any shade you like.

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