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Get more featured snippets Featured snippets are the search results that look like this featured snippet In , we analyzed million search results and found that featured featured snippets accounted for . of searches. We also found that . of clicks go to the featured snippets. search queries with featured snippets But what you may not have noticed is that Google pulls the snippets from sites that are already in the top . And incredibly, from one of the sites that ranks in the top . where featured snippets tend to rank BY THE WAY. We are . sure that’s the case. That means the following If you’re in the top for a query where Google shows a featured snippet but doesn’t own it yet, there are ways to get more traffic by winning the featured snippet.

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To find such opportunities, open the Organic Bolivia Phone Number Keywords report in Ahrefs’ Site Explorer . Site Explorer enter your domain Organic Keywords SERP Properties Featured Snippets Filter by the top rankings pasted image If you see this icon, it means you already own the featured snippet for that keyword. pasted image For every other keyword, a competitor owns the featured snippet and therein lies the opportunity. It’s just a case of trying to understand why they own it and not you, and then optimizing accordingly. I want to be honest there is no hard and fast rule here. Still, most of the SEO community seems to agree that in order to win the featured snippet, your content’s format needs to match the search intent.

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For example we’re for “how to become a marketing manager” but don’t own the featured snippet. how to become a marketing manager That’s probably because people want a step-by-step process, as the current featured snippet shows. how to become a marketing manager snippet Our guide is not structured in this format. So in this case, reformatting the guide as a step-by-step process could help win the featured snippet. Is it worth it? If we take a look DW Leads at the Organic Keywords report for the page that owns the snippet, we can see that they’re getting an estimated visits per month from the snippet aloic from featured snipnd roughly the same again from the other nine featured snippets owned by the site Conclusion By winning the snippet, we could potentially increase traffic by more than .


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