Pokémon Go Viral Marketing Reasons for Its Success

It has not yet reached most countries and pokémon. Go is already a mass phenomenon. In a matter of days, the app has managed to reach first place. In the app store downloads and its characters are already hidden in streets, places and venues around. The world waiting to be DW Leads found and caught by their users. Behind this new app we have niantic , a startup. Born within google in 2010 and that has managed to specialize in software development. It was in that. Year that he began developing pokémon go by allying himself with the pokémon company and nintendo . It seemed clear that reviving one of the trends that caused the most fury in the nineties was going to be.

Choosing the Right Moment

A sure success, but we must bear in mind that, although any product related to pokémon is always. Well received, there is a team of marketing professionals behind it who have carried out an. In-depth market study and have managed to launch the product in the best way and at Norway phone number the best time. In fact, it is so to the point that nintendo , a company that could not find a stable niche in the current video game sector, has seen its shares grow more than 9% on the day of the release of pokémon go . Pokemon go viral marketing we can highlight several key points that have determined the success of this app.

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Pokemon Go Viral Marketing

Emotional marketing pokémon have been present in the childhood of a wide range of smartphone users. This emotional connection has generated, at least, the impulse download of the application, for the simple fact of transporting the user to his childhood. Choosing the right moment as we have already mentioned, this application has been in development since 2010. However, the release date of pokémon go is not something that has been left to chance, since it is the 20th anniversary of the launch of the first pokémon game, which implies that those who were children at the time are now young people between 20 and 30 years old with remarkable purchasing power.

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