Programmatic Advertising: the 6 Advantages of Implementing It in Your Company

Personalization, immediacy, and segmentation. These are the three characteristics that define programmatic advertising. We are in the era of digital advances. Which do not rest, which are updated and DW Leads improved to obtain the best possible results, and it is in this. Context that programmatic advertising is born. Advertising on the internet consisted until very recently. A space to be able to insert your advertising. But the enormous advances that have occurred in terms of consumer. Tracking and their purchase itinerary have caused the way of advertising on the internet to turn 180 degrees.

What Are the Main Intermediary Platforms to Carry Out Real Time Bidding?

Now, advertising chooses each one of us, follows us and shows us what we really want to consume. Being much more precise and effective. In this context, programmatic advertising is born. What is programmatic advertising? Programmatic advertising is a type of digital advertising that Colombia phone number whatsapp consists of buying. An audience and not spaces to advertise. Through big data and its interpretation of the information, the audience. Inesem business school master in integrated advertising management more information with the new tracking algorithms and cookies. Knowing the characteristics, uses and habits in user navigation. Allows us to segment more easily, ensuring a greater success in the segmentation criteria.

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The 6 Advantages of This Type of Advertising

The consumer is tracked, identifying his profile with greater accuracy. Once identified, the advertiser shows his advertising to a specific profile, who buys in real time through digital bids, better known as real time bidding. This type of digital advertising is not only the future trend in the way of , but it is part of the present and according to an ascend2 study from may 4, 2020, advertising will increase by 66% in 2020. How does the bidding system work? The programmatic advertising bidding system is an automatic procedure.

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