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Difference from zap prof personnel assessment in maintain employee profiles. Labor protection and certification of workplaces. Advantages: detailed presentation of complex topics; the ability to view the desired topics at any convenient time. Flaws: lack of feedback from the teacher; no student certification. 8. “Secrets and subtleties of work in 1c: zup” from “1c: training center no. 1” duration: 9 videos up to 5 minutes. Training format: video lessons. Certificate: not issued. Lesson topics: forms for the fss from 2021; taking into account non-working days when calculating the average wage.

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Accounting for payments to former employees; changes in the calculation of personal income tax in 2021; taking into account bonuses when calculating average earnings; choice of method of maintaining a work book. Advantages: topical issues are considered taking into account changes in the current legislation. Cons: if there are questions on topics, there is no Ivory Coast Phone Number List one to ask them. 9. “1c: erp – new in version 2.5.7” from training center no. Duration of training: 12 videos up to 35 minutes. Learning format: the user can watch the video and perform certain functions in parallel with the teacher. There are no intermediate or final tests. Certificate: not issued.

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Course topics: accounting for goods and materials in operation; breakdown of incremental costs between items preliminary closing of the month; reservation of goods and materials; association of directories Characteristics of resources” and Route maps. Advantages Personal DW Leads  Audience detailed and accessible presentation. Disadvantages: lack of contact with the teacher. Video lessons on the program 1c: accounting from. Training center no duration of training: 12 videos up to 35 minutes. Training format: lessons in video format with a practical demonstration of the actions performed. Homework for schoolchildren, no tests.

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