Refusing prejudice, no fear challenge: female executives share the workplace and climb the road

Although achieving true equality between men and women in the workplace is long and long, women’s voices are becoming louder and more powerful。A new generation of female executives, female entrepreneurs and female leaders said that women can and will no longer wait passively。

Taking advantage of Women’s Day, let’s review the achievements of women in the past year and share with you the suggestions and successful experiences of female executives in the workplace. I believe the power of role models will bring infinite motivation to overcome challenges。

Achievements: Major events in gender equality in the workplace in the past year

International Women’s Day originated in 1911 and has been calling for joint efforts and shared responsibility for achieving gender equality for many years。International Women’s Day aims to raise awareness of gender bias in the workplace, celebrate women’s achievements, and increase women’s sense of presence — while calling for the elimination of inequality。

After years of precipitation, International Women’s Day has deepened people’s understanding of the gender equality culture in the Philippines photo editor workplace and achieved landmark achievements。And these achievements have not disappeared: in the past year alone, women have made great achievements in the fields of leadership, equal pay, workplace diversity and women’s rights。

Voice: Workplace advice from female executives

Philippines photo editor

Davina Yeo, Chief of Staff in Microsoft Asia Pacific. Bravely express yourself and seek help from the alliance:First of all, it is a necessary and insufficient condition to complete the job well, it is the basis for success。Secondly, you must have the courage to stand up and show and express yourself, and at the same time form a benign DW Leads alliance with male colleagues, everyone can help each other。Finally, pay attention to every turning point in life, such as your intention to have children, at this time you need to know how to seek help and how to balance your life。Irene Buhrfeindt, Vice President of Tronox. Facing the workplace obstructs learning to detour:Whether it is intentional or not, there are many problems and obstacles in life and work。In general, I think that after working for so many year

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