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You may see more and more moving elements on the desktop, like long-scrolling pages, for example. The advantage of responsive design is that you don’t have to create an entirely different mobile version for your website. The responsive¬† Color Correction design adapts to the respective device and the only thing you need to test is that the images and sizes Color Correction are displayed correctly. Example of mobile version of Spotify Spotify: sample mobile version 2. Saturation, bright colors and simplicity Simple, pastel colors might seem like the safest option for your e-commerce platform, but they can be a bit boring. By opting for simple colors, you risk creating a website that does not stand out from the competition.


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And play more with colors. Bright colors attract people’s attention. Feel free to experiment with bright colors and saturation. The only thing you need to be Color Correction careful about is keeping it simple so you don’t cause visitors headaches with a super colorful site. Spotify website in warm and cheerful colors Source: Spotify It is sure that Spotify website catches your attention. They opted for warm and cheerful colors. And at the same time, the design is simple, containing the basic and most useful information that customers will need. There are various studies on how colors influence.

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Or fast-food restaurants. 3. Use interactive designs to showcase your products another way to grab your customer’s attention is through the use of videos and interactive design. Video layout and small interactions are both Color Correction nice touches and make your website attractive. This trend has been around for a few years, but it will continue to be popular Color Correction as it will catch people’s attention. Oysho Interactive Design Website Source: Oysho Oysho, for example, has a nice interactive page with slideshows and videos. Sometimes it is difficult to describe everything about a specific product.

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