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Or write about different competitor analysis models”. Not only can this help to rank the page for such keywords, but it can also increase the “current relevance” of the page. This, in turn, can increase rankings for other related keywords. Which means Google is an algorithm. You look at the content of your page to understand what it is about. By talking about things related to your main topic, you effectively increase Google’s trust in what the page is about. Learn more about the current relevance in our guide to on-page SEO . . Take advantage of your competitor’s dead pages to create links Most websites have some dead pages, including your competitor.

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And if your competitor’s dead pages Chile Phone Number List are relevant or at least semi-relevant to your business and have backlinks, then there’s scope to win over those backlinks. I’ll explain how this works as we go through this. But first, we need a way to find our competitors’ dead pages. To do this, we can use the Best by Links report in Site Explorer . Site Explorer Enter your competitor’s domain Best by links Add a “ not found” filter Sort by the number of referring domains from high to low pasted image Look at the list of URLs and see if any are relevant semi-relevant to your business. In this case, avoiding SEO-related penalties is what we talk about on the Ahrefs blog. There are links from referring domains. Let’s hover over the cursor and click the View on Archive.

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Org link to see what it used to be. backlinko dead page As expected – it was a blog post about avoiding Google penalties. Thing is, because the site is dead, people are now linking to nothing but an error page. So let’s see if we have something similar on the blog that could serve as a relevant replacement for these dead linkit looks like we do google penalties ahrefs This guide talks about pretty much the same thing – how to avoid Google penalties. A LITTLE HINT You DW Leads don’t have a suitable replacement yet? create something Learn more about executing this technique in our complete guide to building broken links . Great. Now let’s take a look at the Backlinks report for the dead pages in Site Explorer.


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