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Add value to links you already own. Have you ever clicked on a broken link? It looks something like this. dead link quicksprout Broken pages aren’t just bad for usability. They are also bad for SEO. Backlinks effectively bring power to your website. Some of it then flows to the other pages of your site via internal links. Because faulty pages don’t technically exist, they don’t have internal links. In short, broken pages can affect your site’s performance in search engines. So it is best to correct them. In Google Search Console, the coverage report warns you about bad pages. Search Console Coverage Errors error search console Look for XX errors like the ones above. To see which pages are affected, click on the error.

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Unfortunately, this report in Search Console Dominican Republic Phone Number List doesn’t tell you if any of the affected pages have backlinks. To find out, you need to go to the Top Linked Pages report and filter by the broken page. Search Console Links External Links Top Linked Pages Filter Landing Page Contains Bad URL filter links search console However, you will only see results of this hack if the following two points are met The faulty page is in the top , most linked pages on your site. The faulty page has at least one backlink. Even then, you’ll have to do this manually for each bad page. expense Is that too complicated for you? Use the Best by links report in Ahrefs Site Explorer. Site Explorer enter domain or subfolder Best by links add a not found filter best by links ahrefs This report shows the broken pages on your site with the most links.

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Click the triangle and go to the Backlinks report to see every broken backlink to a page. caret best by links backlinks There are three main ways to fix such problems Restore the faulty page. Redirect the faulty page to another relevant working DW Leads page. Ask the referring domains to link to a working page instead. You can also leave the page as a soft . Assuming she doesn’t have valuable backlinks. Suggested Reading How to Find and Fix Broken Links To Reclaim Valuable Link Juice ACTION TIP Find and fix broken pages on your website with backlinks. . Replicate competitor links Rarely do websites or webpages have identical link profiles. You have some backlinks that your competitors don’t have. But more importantly, your competitors have some that you don’t.


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