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Detaile presentation of selecte topics. Disadvantages the program is aim at those who already work with 1c. It is quite difficult for a beginner to understand. 13. “1c 8.2 trade management” by oksana bulat duration: 8 videos for 5-20 minutes. Training format: the author publishes training videos in the public domain. Anyone can view them. Certificate: not provide. What you can learn in the course: create a new base; enter data relating to the company or individual entrepreneur; establish an accounting policy; set price types. Strengths: accessible presentation.

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Cons information is from 2014 and is very limite. 14. Initial setup 1c from the YouTube channel. Secrets and opportunities 1c” duration: 12 videos up to 35 minutes. Training format: information is collecte in a video. You can view them as neee. It will not be Japan Phone Number List possible to communicate with the teacher, ask questions of interest. Certificate: not issue. What you can learn during the course: set up the database taking into account the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine; manage commercial companies for. Ukraine calculate the cost of services.

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