Selection of the 15 Most Useful WordPress Plugins

Today, we continue this series of articles on how to launch. Your first blog with a selection of the most useful wordpress plugins. From optimizing your blog to promoting it. These plugins will make DW Leads your life as a blogger easier… technical optimization… training to create your training organization wp optimize : discovered a few months ago, this plugin will allow. You to optimize your blog’s database. It will be very practical to reduce the size of the latter and not to exceed. The limits of your accommodation. Thanks to wp optimize, you will be able to delete article revisions, drafts and. Comments identified as spam in one fell swoop, taking up unnecessary space on your sql database.

This Plugin Will Give You the Possibility

The plugin will also allow you to optimize the latter without logging into php my admin. Viper’s video quicktags. Viper’s video will make it easy for you to embed videos in your posts. You will no longer have to copy. Paste the piece of code proposed by youtube & co, you will insurance leads database simply have to enter the url of the video. Cforms: cforms will allow you to create forms on your blog as you see fit. Thanks to its advanced functions. Almost anything is possible. Wp rss images : wp rss images will insert the url of the first image. Of the article directly into your rss feed. It will be particularly useful in the context of a promotion.

insurance leads database

It Is with This Plugin That This Selection Ends

Via facebook. Indeed, if you automatically integrate your rss feed to feed your facebook page and. You want an image to appear to the left of the article extract, you will need to install this plugin. Seo… thanks to only two plugins, your worpress blog will be optimized for search engines … all in one seo : the essential plugin to optimize the seo of your blog. After a few very quick settings, the various important elements for your seo will be optimized. It is, for me, one of the first plugins to install to promote your blog. Google xml sitemap : in addition to all in one seo, i advise you to install google xml sitemap which will automatically generate your sitemap for the indexing of the blog on google.

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