Seo Cannibalization: What Is It, How Does It Affect and How to Prevent It?

Nowadays, we all know that if your website gets more or less sales. It depends, to a great extent, on the position that the page occupies. Achieving an optimal position is the result of great efforts in seo positioning, however, sometimes. We can carry out actions that produce an effect contrary to DW Leads what we expect. One of these effects is what is known as seo cannibalization. Throughout the article, we will develop what seo cannibalization is. How it affects our domain and how to prevent its appearance. If you have noticed that despite carrying out. Different positioning strategies, your website is still not achieving the objectives in terms of seo, perhaps.

Web Architecture and Internal Linking

It is that you are not executing these strategies correctly and you are incurring in seo cannibalization, if so, don’t worry, there are different prevention and detection methods that will help you achieve the goal you expect. What is seo cannibalization? Seo cannibalization occurs get israel phone number when two urls on the same website compete. To get a position on the same keyword . For example, in a blog an entry is created to achieve a position in. “telecommuting techniques”, later, the person in charge of this blog discovers that there are new teleworking. Techniques and decides to make another article detailing them. What she will achieve is that her website.

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What Solutions Are There for Seo Cannibalization

Has two urls fighting for the same keyword, and this will lead to a loss of efficiency in terms of seo and serp positioning. How does it affect my website? In general, seo cannibalization usually has negative consequences and affects the website in several areas : little relevance. When two urls compete for the same keyword, but neither stands out above the other, it is quite possible that neither will satisfy the user’s needs, and therefore the user’s search intention is not being effectively covered. Loss of authority. When two urls compete, you are dividing the authority granted to them and therefore there is a loss of authority in both. User confusion. By dividing your content into two urls, the user has a lower probability of finding what satisfies him, since your content is divided.

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