Seo for Linkedin: 7 Actions to Grow on Linkedin

On thursday, june 17, i organized my first solo event. Telling my 7 most important learnings to do seo for linkedin after 2 years. With data, data and more data. After writing about 700 posts between the company page and my profile, 452 people signed up in 14 days. Launching myself to DW Leads execute it was quite a challenge, speaking in front of a group with a structure costs me. A lot and after spending 6 minutes talking just because i didn’t press play i almost decided to leave hahaha. Today i couldn’t be happier to share this post with you and invite you to the next fastevent by javi platón. To the mess, in this post i am going to tell you my learnings from linkedin: what do you want to achieve.

What Do You Want to Achieve with Linkedin and Why?

With linkedin and why? Money projects, training, a new job, clients? Time how can you learn from the. Experiences of others so you don’t make their mistakes? Happiness helping people achieve phone database list their goals? Learning? Overcoming your fears? Love: benditolinkedin, it’s for playbook hahahaha as of may 2021. There were 727 million registered users. You have to work hard, differentiate yourself, take small steps, be very. Clear about what your objective is and know two things if you are not afraid to do it, you will not get it and assume. That you are going to screw it up, so get an excel and write down the learnings well inesem business.

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1-Main Metrics to Track Your Success on Linkedin

School master in digital marketing more information 1-main metrics to track your success on linkedin. Networking -cafés/cañas: my north star metric meet people you admire to share visions subscribers. People who trust me leaving their email to learn about growth and professional development collaboration offers : as is, little message with proposals hahaha network : number of contacts or followers (i no longer accept anyone who is not from my sector or people without a personalized message) search appearances – how many times your profile has appeared in search results. It is updated weekly on wednesday at 8 in the afternoon.

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