Seo Trends 2021, Prepare Your Website to Climb Positions

Seo trends for the new year are not long in coming. What’s more, google experts are already anticipating many of the changes that will come into effect before. The first half of 2021. In this article i will summarize the most important aspects that you should take into. Account and study in depth if you want to continue having notoriety in the search engines and DW Leads know how. To earn the new google quality labels . Seo trends focused on user experience it is no secret to anyone that for years. Google has been increasingly focused on providing a high-quality experience to internet users. How does it do it? Trying to respond in record time to the user’s search intention. With this in mind.

Structured Data Will Become an Seo Trend in 2021

The world’s most popular search engine has decided to make the following adjustments to its ranking algorithm for the year 2021. 1.- goodbye to the high density of keywords one of the great how to find email addresses of business executives evils of writing for. Seo is that it is based on being repetitive in terms of the keyword that you want to position, but since. 2019 google has changed the rules of the game with the appearance of bert . Bert is a type of artificial intelligence (ai) that allows the search engine to analyze the query phrase that the user has written.

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Google Eats Will Be Much More Important Within the Seo Trends of 2021

To provide a set of answers that are related to the question. Inesem business school master en marketing digital more information the idea of ​​using this ai is to immediately show results that fit 100% of the query. For example, if i put the expression “misty blue” in the search engine, the first thing google shows me is a video highlight snippet with dorothy moore on the cover and the lyrics of the song below. What does this change mean? Simply that it is no longer necessary to be so redundant in the way you write for the web, because search engines are now able to understand the context of the content as a person would.

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