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Separate videos are devote to working with an online cash register, the pros and cons of using 1c products, the nee to connect a cash register to an accounting system, etc. Advantages: there is an opportunity to get answers to pressing questions for entrepreneurs; information is presente in an accessible way. Flaws: some videos are from 2018-2019. The information is partially outdate. 6. “1c platform” from training center no. Course duration: 22 videos 9-40 minutes long. Training format: video lessons. Certificate: not issue. What topics are covere in the course: installation of the 1c platform: enterprise 8.3 base on windows.

Type Website Pages And Work

Creation of personnel interaction centers base on 1c under different operating systems; integration of the accounting system on the site; documentary magazines; creating printables. Advantages: professional consideration of the topics covere. Flaws: lack of feeback from the teacher; theoretical knowlege is provide. There are no practical tasks. You Israel Phone Number List can repeat the operations performe after the teacher, but no one will confirm the correctness of the actions. Faculty of 1c-development geek brains 112 068 rub / course from month start.

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With Various Tools

October 08 duration: 8 months 2-3 lessons per week format: online webinars are held, dz is checke, there is a chat of cadets features: the official school of mail. Ru group. They teach professions up to the intermeiate level and guarantee Personal DW Leads  Audience employment 7. “1c: payroll and hr management 8 corp” from “1c: training center no. 1” course duration: 27 videos up to 2 hours. Training format: video lessons. The listener can watch the videos he wants at any time. No exams or practice. Certificate: not issue. The main topics of the course: maintenance of “Black” and “White” lists of candidates; conducting interviews in electronic format; selection and training of personnel in.

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