Should You Focus on Youtube or Writing for a Successful Blog?

With such a title, i am almost certain that you are. Expecting me around the corner, aren’t you? Here is a semi-settled opinion… what about you personally? Training to create your training organization me, i asked myself the question for a long time. Initially. Maybe you were motivated to write high-quality content so you could engage your audience. Writing is noble. Not DW Leads everyone knows how to write well. “it is better to write great things than to execute small ones. It’s not by me, but by rené descartes. And he’s right. Normal, it’s descartes you would say. However, we are noticing that more and more bloggers are abandoning editorial quality (see writing) in favor of video.

But Where to Start: Videos or Writing Articles?

In this case on youtube. For some, this choice turns out to be profitable. But there is still something that bugs me. It is radicalism. Calm down, i’m talking about the speech that we are constantly waiting for. Let’s say rather. “contradictory radicalism”, that’s it. In short. This is the Albania whatsapp number one we often hear and who says: “make a blog. With long articles and publish often, the public will discover you!” “. The problem is not that it’s wrong, even. If it’s not entirely right. It’s that this “maxim” comes from youtubeurs who themselves do not write articles, or old redundant articles.

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Youtube Attracts More “Tourists”

My humble opinion tells me that a site with neat content is more rewarding than video, at least on certain themes. And the most experienced people know it. A youtube video lasts an average of 15 minutes. And in these 15 minutes, are included the introduction, the credits, the famous “subscribe to the channel!” » and others « leave a thumbs up! “. It is therefore quite complicated to deal with a subject in great detail within this time frame. Your audience will know how to recognize the writing work done upstream, they will respect it. Producing great content on youtube, having a loyal and engaged audience, requires a draconian requirement.

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