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An alternative to directly posting testimonials is highlighting customer feedback while adding your thoughts and insights. But, again, the effort you put in shows you care about what your customers think. Sales Teasers Sales teasers provide just enough information to make people curious. Everybody likes a mystery and wants to be in the know. They are hooked if you post just enough information to make them wonder about the sale. Adding a hashtag is an easy way to spread the news about the sale. And remember those countdown stickers! In Conclusion WSI is a digital marketing agency that takes the time to understand your organization and customers to recommend a strategy based on your individual business needs. Need help with social media services or digital marketing.

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Want to expand your Instagram marketing? Contact WSI World today. Digital marketing offers unlimited opportunities to business owners and marketers. Google has access to more than ninety percent of the global search engine market, with billions of people using their platform. They are now giving you more features to promote your business and opportunities Armenia Phone Number List to connect with customers. In late 2021 Google announced some changes to Google My Business (GMB). The first change is a simple name change. “Google My Business” is now known as “Google Business Profile.” The second change is to provide Google Business Profile users with direct access to their business profiles.

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Every business owner and marketer should pro-actively utilize the following features on their Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) listing: Include custom categories with services Easier DW Leads ways to update your Google Business Profile Make COVID-19 announcements in your listing Include an appointments link under your listing Access to Google Guarantee badge certification In the future, Google will also provide additional tools to your business via your Google Business Profile. But only if you access it via Google Search or Maps.

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