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It only takes about thirty seconds to search through this unfiltered report and see that we get a few links from content marketing guides. If we search for backlinks where the term content marketing appears in the URL of the referring linking page, we get fourteen results. content marketing guides filtered backlinks Well, here’s the critical point There are many other content marketing guides that we don’t have links to yet. How many? Let’s take a look inside Content Explorer . Content Explorer lets you search a database of over a billion web pages for people who mention a keyword or phrase. Let’s look for English websites with Content Marketing in the title. title content marketing content explorer There are over , results Now let’s narrow this down to pages.

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That also mention the term keyword Egypt Phone Number List research somewhere in the content. We will also add a filter to only see one article per domain. content marketing content explorer search , results. If we wrote to the authors of these sites and showed them our content, chances are they would at least be interested in checking it out. Some would probably even link to it. Just make sure you craft a good outreach email if you want your efforts to pay off. ACTION TIP Find similarities in the links you already have. Find similar prospects e.g. “potential linkers” and show them your content. Bonus-Tipp Backlinks are positively correlated with rankings and organic traffic. However, if you are covering a highly competitive topic, you may need hundreds or thousands of backlinks from individual websites to have any chance of ranking. Take the topic “Best Credit Cards” for example. best credit cards backlinks No one is likely to crack the top without links from at least – unique sites.

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BY THE WAY Both quantity and quality count. So it’s not just about the sheer number of referring domains you have. There are other factors that play a role as well. Because of this, it may make more sense to go for less competitive topics and DW Leads keywords. In other words, the ones where you have a chance of ranking without needing hundreds of backlinks. There are a few ways to find such topics. You can search for keywords in Keywords Explorer and filter for keywords with a low Keyword Difficulty level . Keywords Explorer insert seed keyword select a report filter by KD keywords low keyword difficulty This is not an absolutely promising approach . But it’s a good starting point. WARUM KEYWORD DIFFICULTY? Keyword Difficulty.


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