Social Marketing: Beyond Money

When we hear about marketing. The first idea that comes to mind is money. At first, we always think that the ultimate purpose of any marketing campaign. Is to sell more to increase the income of an organization and, consequently, the profits of its owners. However, not all marketing has DW Leads a purely economic purpose. There is a somewhat unknown but much more human. Facet that leaves behind any type of economic incentive: social marketing . Definition of social marketing. According to philip kotler , the father of contemporary marketing, social marketing is ” the application. Of marketing principles and techniques to impact, in a given audience, behaviors and behaviors that will help.

The Objectives of Companies in Social Marketing

Improve their individual or society’s health or well-being. ” . In other words, we speak of social marketing. When we intend to use marketing techniques (traditional, digital or any new trend) to raise awareness. Among the target audience and achieve socially desirable behaviors . Like any real estate agent email list free other marketing strategy. It must be made up of objectives, timing, resources and instruments for measuring and evaluating results. The difference from traditional marketing lies in the results: the result of a social marketing campaign. Is not measured in sales increase, for example, but must be measured in terms of social or environmental benefit. If we look around us we can find numerous social marketing campaigns that aim to give a human.

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Touch and Raise Awareness in Society

Non-profit organisations, foundations and even companies are showing more interest every day in showing their more social side and trying to “change a little” society out of mere altruism. The objectives of companies in companies momentarily abandon their business vision and seek to achieve a positive impact on the environment around them by doing good things for society in general . The large beverage distributor coca cola recently carried out a campaign called “commitment” made up of several spots for television and the internet with the aim of informing society about the social action carried out to perpetuate the ecosystem.

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