Social Selling or How to Increase Your Sales Through Social Networks

Social selling , or  has marked a true transformation. In the business world, causing a new way of making sales. Insistent phone calls, massive and impersonal emails. Door-to-door sales are the most distant realities of. Literally, with social selling. It is DW Leads understood to sell, indirectly, through social networks. How? Through the creation of relationships. With potential customers, whose primary objective is not direct sales (although also), but, above all. To add value to customers , thus reinforcing a positive image of the brand itself, thus allowing an increase in sales. So, what is or socal ? In other words, social selling can be defined as the. Set of practices that use social networks to establish relationships with current or potential customers.

How Can a Social Selling Strategy Be Applied?

Creating relationships, building a positive branding, adding value and, thanks to this mix, reaching the sale. Are the keys to social selling. All those practices that are behind a sale can be included industry mailing list in social selling. From making the brand itself known to capturing leads, through social networks. Inesem business school. Higher course in community management and digital marketing more information applying. A strategy requires planning and time; the results will be invisible in the short term. Is social. the same as media marketing?

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Optimize Your Social Networks

Although the terms look alike and may be mistakenly confused. They are not the same. Social selling and marketing have some similarities but they differ in some key aspects. As said before, selling aims to increase sales , which can be achieved through different tactics. While marketing is understood as a set of more generic actions whose objectives may vary but, in general, does not coincide with generating sales, rather a primary objective is usually to reach the buyer person and the creation of branding. In addition,  marketing strategies are usually somewhat more impersonal and massive than , characterized by high personalization. Although they are two different tactics, the ideal is to design a strategy where they complement each other.

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