Socially Driven Brands Are the Future—Here’s Why

Owly has gotten a serious upgrade, we’ve dialed the photography style up to 10, and we’re taking it upon ourselves to be your guide to the community. And all this strategy made us think about the relationship between society and brand identity.

Conventional marketing wisdom used to say that the brands we love earn our trust with an amazing product experience and a consistent, emotional message. It’s why people choose Coke over Pepsi, and Costco die-hards (like me) keep humming the siren song of the $1.50 hotdog combo.

Inflation better not hit Costco.

Those $1.50 hotdogs are an institution.

— Reddit’s Wikipedia

But while high-quality products and brand purpose germany fax number are as important as ever, the old perception that the tone and delivery of a brand should be the same everywhere is gone.

That’s a good thing—and it’s all thanks to social media.

After years of business as usual, @hydroquebec decided to shake things up and add more humor and personality to its social voice. Her sultry voice took her mind and grew her followers to over 400k and proved that love will always win.


Brand values ​​should be firm

– everything else is flexible
In short: Brands help consumers differentiate between competing products, and make it easier to choose the right one.

Brands are defined by tangible assets such as colors, logos, mascots, fonts, and taglines, and intangible assets, such as values, goals, associations, and customer relationships.

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Nike’s got the swoosh, the “Just Do It” and the ambassadors of athletes like Michael Jordan and Serena Williams. Old Spice has the shade of red, the “smell like a man” slogan, the whistling jingle, and cool guys like Terry Crews and Isaiah Mustafa. And at Hootsuite, we have the Owly mascot, our colorful visuals, and our “your guide to wildlife” brand.

Green image featuring Owly and text reading:

This means that when people think of your product category, they think of your brand. But while being popular is great, it doesn’t always guarantee growth.

This is very important, because perceived differentiation is the most important factor in long-term brand returns.

A two-column bar graph. Brands with meaningful differentiation increased their market share by 0.9% between 2014-2020, while brands with strong differentiation grew by 2.7%.
Source: Kantar.
It’s forcing social brands to be adaptable (and we love to see it)
No one in the social network will be fired from the ad. People are there to kill time, have fun and watch the main players of the day. Marketers like us interrupt those experiences, so our job is to make those interruptions… not so terrible.

Hungry because of too much advertising

People will compare you, ignore you, or hurt your feelings.

if you are famous on you tube you earn $100000 per month. if you become famous on twitter your shit will be controlled by criminals every day

— wint (@dril) Jolay 15, 2020

Start by changing your brand’s voice, tone and style to society at large and then to each social network. It’s not just smart, it’s perfectly normal.

You’re still you, just reading the room.

So how do you align your brand voice with society?

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