Successful Blogging: 4 Pitfalls and a Tip

For months, even years, you have read almost. All the articles that explain to you how to create content that is a hit, how to create a blog that is friends with google. How to have more shares on the networks. And yet, nothing happens. What is the problem ? Training to create your training DW Leads organization in the idea, these articles are very practical and start from a good feeling. That of you “chewing” the work. But unfortunately, in reality, creating a successful blog or writing a good post is. A little more complex than that, and that, no marketer will dare to tell you, and for good reason.

The Recipe Trap

But we will come back to it all. On time. So that you can understand why these notes can sometimes be toxic. I will take here an example that i use during my conferences. 1. The recipe trap let’s take Usa numbers list a cooking. Recipe from a great chef. On the internet, you find the said recipe and you embark on the adventure. On the site, you have a very nice photo that makes your mouth water. This is motivating. You take your basket and run to your supermarket to do your shopping! Here you are, ready to go.

Usa numbers list

The Influencer Trap

After a few hours. It’s a bit desolate. Your dish has nothing to do with the photo, and at the table, in terms of taste and flavors. We are far from the mark. You just have to see the faces of your guests to convince you of this. Besides. You yourself are not really thrilled. So what’s going on? Why is this seemingly “easy” recipe ultimately so tricky to implement? You must understand that the chef who offers you this recipe has been working on it for years. In a nutshell, this chef has hours and hours of experience behind him. In fact, our cook works “with his eyes closed”, he “feels” the ingredients, he acts on instinct. Over time, the recipe becomes “part” of him. To know no, you are not dumb.

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