Successful strategies to promote rural tourism

In addition, This year the theme of world tourism day is direct. Technology is understood as a way to attract tourism. Especially in local areas, the most affected. By the pandemic. The unwto, led in this edition. By the nations of the mercosur bloc (argentina, brazil, paraguay, and uruguay, with chile as an observer). Dedicates this edition to highlighting rural traditions, cultures, and gastronomy, betting on sustainable. Local tourism, and for the generation of employment to economically. Recover the places that, normally, are not in the media focus: the towns.

Is technology salvation

Some belief so, which is why they have invested in technological advances and personalized experiences with the aim of making their businesses a tourist attraction. Successful strategies to promote rural tourism The experts at The Valley Armenia Phone Number List assure that in order to promote rural tourism, service companies must integrate the new Information and Communication Technologies into their business strategy. However, Rural digitization begins by offering services on websites and mobile applications, in addition to using artificial intelligence, and chatbots, to resolve customer queries immediately and automate processes.

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Tourism should be diverted toward sustainability

In conclusion, Perhaps it is not as important to generate new attractions as it is to explore existing ones. Creativity, innovation, and development are the elements that the RePueblo initiative points out. Most importantly, Its methodology is unique, it consists of the immersion DW Leads of 10 professionals for days in a territory to detect the tourism opportunities offered by the land and develop an action plan to undertake and invest in it. After that, Sustainability does not only consist of a commitment to the environment, which is why Barcelona has created the Biosphere initiative, a seal to recognize “those tour operators who are to responsible management that is respectful of the environment, culture, working conditions, gender equity, and social and economic return”, according to Turisme de Barcelona.

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