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Find lucrative keywords by looking at the suggested bids Keyword suggestions are all well and good, but how do you know which ones are valuable to your business? You could search them all manually, but that’s no fun, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of keyword ideas. My recommendation? Use the “Top placement bid high reach ” column. Hier Google’s Definition “ Top of page bid high range ” shows the higher range of what advertisers have historically paid for a keyword’s top of page bid, based on your location and search network settings. The average CPC of your keywords can vary. I know what you’re thinking Man, that sounds like it’s for AdWow is that supposed to help with SEO? Very easily.

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If people are willing to bid a lot for that Netherlands Phone Number List keyword. It needs to be converted into sales. And when it comes to converting unplanned Google traffic into sales or leads, it’s probably worth tracking and trying to fill. To sort by this column, simply click on the column heading. Make sure it’s sorted high to low as that way the most lucrative keywords will come out on top. lucrative keywords In nine out of ten cases, the keyword with a commercial background is immediately discovered. PRO TIP Are you thinking of targeting any of these keywords? Never forget to check beforehand which companies are advertising here. You can do this by googling the term and looking at the ads. ecommerce seo services Does he sell the same products or services as you? Then it’s probably a good keyword.

Netherlands Phone Number List

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Oh and here’s a bonus tip Arrange this column in ascending order to find informative search terms. These are often great topics for blog posts. informational DW Leads keywords . Recognize keyword volume for local regionup to the city level Most keyword research tools are unable to tell you how many people are searching for a term in certain states, cities, and other localized areas. They only show search volumes for the entire country. Such volumes are somewhat useless for local SEO . Let’s say you are a plumber. Using the Impressions → search volumes hack , we can see that the term plumber will receive an estimated K impressions over the next days. plumber impressions gkp But plumbers don’t work across the country.


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