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SEO Basics but also for other keywor basics keywords If we can increase the authority of the page through internal linking, chances are we’ll increase the rankings for some of those other keywords as h means even more traffic Do you have a site that would benefit from a boost? Then read on. IMPORTANT There are two caveats to have when looking at the positioning picture above Similar search intent If you’re trying to promote a blog post, it’s best if the page above you is also a blog post, not a product page. Roughly the same URL Rating UR URL Rating is a metric develope by Ahrefs’ to indicate a page’s “authority”. If the page above you has a drastically higher UR, then you may nee to build a lot of strong internal links to your page to surpass it.

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A NOTICE Looking at the relative UR ​​of Sweden Phone Number List the high-ranking pages is a useful metric to gauge the odds. But it’s not definitive. There are many reasons a page could rank higher than yours better on-page SEO , etc. b Find relevant places from which to add internal links to the landing page Now we have a suitable page to improve, we nee to find suitable places from which to add internal links to this page. There are two ways to do that. Google page search Open Google and search forsite yourma der Seite, die du verbessern möchtest” In this case we are looking forsite “seo basics” This finds all pages on your site that mention the phrase anywhere in the copy. In other words, contextual internal linking opportunities.

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Here is a page that mentions the term “basic SEO” seo basics google search Looks like this is a good place to add an internal link to our guide. Best to DW Leads the left Open Ahrefs Site Explorer , enter your domain, then check the Best by Links report. paste image This report is sorte by URL Rating UR by default, so it shows the most authoritative pages on your site. In other words, a list of pages from which an internal link could confer a fair chunk of authority. Search the list for currently relevant opportunities. Here’s one that would probably be appropriate for the case at hand best by links link building This site has a lot of authority, and it’s also about link building – a subtopic of SEO. Looking around the page, it doesn’t take long to find the perfect contextual internal linking opportunity.

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