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In recent years consumer attention spans have come. Into question frequently. A study by microsoft found that the average human being now has an attention. Span of only eight seconds. Long-form vs DW Leads short-form video content this change has been reflected most. Heavily in the marketing sphere, with video advertisements changing from thirty-second commercials. To two-second quick-scroll ads. Because of these findings, many brands have switched their campaign. Styles to reflect these short attention spans. Instagram stories, tiktok, snapchat, and more have pioneered. New ways to deliver short-form content to consumers. But does that mean long-form content is irrelevant? The answer is no. In fact, many brands are finding that long-form video content creates engaged and loyal customers.

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In a world where smartphones are the most-used media devices worldwide, it is easy to assume. That short-form content would be paramount. But, now more than ever, it is important to be diverse in your. Media advertising strategies in order to keep up with competitors. The benefits aged direct mail final expense leads of long-form video. Long-form video may seem expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. But currently, the average adult. Spends around 6 hours per day watching video content. That means that the demand for fresh video content. Is increasing and businesses need to be delivering. Here are a few reasons you should jump on the long-form bandwagon.

aged direct mail final expense leads

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It creates a connection with your audience one of the main benefits of long-form video content is that it creates a story that can humanize your brand. Getting people to care about a brand can be difficult, but one of the best-proven methods of creating lasting consumer relationships is through emotional engagement. By using long-form video content, you have the opportunity to create an emotional bond with consumers and to create personality in your brand. Don’t sleep on long-form content just because it seems time-consuming. Your customers will put in the time, so you should too. Story aids memory creating a narrative is one of the oldest proven ways to create a lasting memory. With long-form content, you have the chance to tell your audience a story. If you do it right, that story will stay in their memory for hours, days, or weeks after the video is finished.

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