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We recommend using a “silo structure” that looks like this internal links content silos But sometimes you want to boost a certain page with internal links. It works like this a Find a suitable site with insufficient performance to boost it For this process, I’m assuming you already have a list of keywords you want to rank for. If you don’t have that, I recommend our SEO basics guide because that’s SEO . Roger that? Then paste the list into Ahrefs Rank Tracker . Here’s where you rank for each keyword in your target country. Here are some of the target keywords I track for posts on Ahrefs blog keyword position rank tracker It’s important to note that you don’t have to include every keyword variant here.

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Just enter the main target keyword for Spain Phone Number each of your pages and posts. Then filter for keyword rankings in positions – . rank tracker rankings It’s also worth excluding your SERP feature rankings to have a clean data set to work with. How it works exclude serp features You should now be presente with a list of keywords for which you are currently in positions – . By default, the list of keywords in Rank Tracker is sorte by estimate organic traffic from high to low, meaning the keywords that are sending the most traffic to your site are at the top of the list. For example, the keyword “SEO Basics” sends an estimate organic visitors to our site each mobasics trad that’s rd place from the leaderboard.

Spain Phone Number

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So imagine how much more traffic we could get from that keyword if we ranke just one position higher Probably a lot more, right? Right, but actually there is no reason to gwe hover over the page that is currently above us, then select the Organic DW Leads Keywords report , we can see exactly how much more organic traffic this page is getting from our target keyword caret organic keywords competition traffic estimate Here we can see that the About Us page ranks an estimate visits per month from the keyword “SEO Basics” vs our . That’s . more Conclusion if we could somehow improve our site’s ranking from position → , then we would get . increase in traffic One more thing Our guide to SEO Basics not only stands for the keyword.


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