Tech Giants Facing the Biggest Crisis in Their History

Fabernovel, an expert in digital transformation and. The creation of innovative products and services, publishes its new report, “gafanomics – quarterly ” , which provides a global analysis of the results of the tech giants* for the first quarter of 2022. The gafas in a turbulent zone in Tech Giants a geopolitical and economic context that has become even more tense. Technology stocks continue to fall on the stock market. With a 14% drop in the fabernovel index (vs the s&p500 down 5%). Technology stocks are accentuating their decline compared to the previous quarter. They are underperforming again, losing in value the equivalent of amazon’s market capitalization of $1.6 trillion from march. 1 to june 1, 2022. This finding is the same in all sectors: the lack of economic visibility.

In the Flop: Netflix, Innovate or Sink?

Has continued to erode investor confidence, with the exception, however, of the energy sector. Which continues to revalue with an increase in the market capitalization of the sector by 19 % — saudi aramco was also ironed. A few weeks in front of the world’s largest Germany phone number example capitalization apple. “the publication of mixed figures for this quarter. Particularly in terms of profits from tech giants such as Tech Giants amazon or meta, suggests that these models are reaching. Certain limits. Meta still moves away a little from the leading quartet – apple, microsoft, alphabet. Amazon – of our index. A downgrade that we saw emerging for some time. Says axelle ricour-dumas. Corporate strategy director at fabernovel.

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In the Top: Uber, Towards a Global Movement of Service Aggregation

In the flop: netflix, innovate or sink? For the first time since the creation of its streaming platform 10 years ago, netflix has counted a net loss of 200,000 of its subscribers and anticipates a trend that will increase with a net loss of 2 million customers in the next trimester. Although the closure of its service in russia in early march affected the tech giant, the problem remains more complex. Indeed, the current economic context, the rise of its competitors, the reaching of a plateau in terms of the number of subscriptions and netflix’s lack of innovation have led to this situation. After this complicated first quarter of 2022, netflix decided to react to seek other short-term growth levers and develop its offer.

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