The 13 Excuses Serious Bloggers Don’t Hide Behind

That’s it. You have decided to spend more time on your blog. Excellent news ! You receive the webmarketing & co’m newsletter (if you don’t, serious mistake). You read dozens of quality articles from different authors. In fact, you’ve been thinking about it for a while now. You shyly told DW Leads your friends about it. But your turtle already knows a lot more about your projects. Because you don’t really dare to take on your project yet. And, so far, you haven’t started yet! Why ? Training to create your training organization the list of things holding you back can be very long.

You’re Way Too Busy to Blog

You don’t have the time, the money, the ideas, the inspiration, the confidence… In fact, in blogging as in all fields. You can find any excuse. So you confide in your brave companion and swear to mlm genealogy leads him that once you’re ready. With a potato from hell and ideas by the thousands, you’ll start! As your turtle is nice, she says nothing. She chews. But you manage to see in her oviparous eyes that she knows that you are lying to her and. Worse, that you are lying to yourself. So, you who are behind this screen reading these lines and impatiently. Awaiting the list of 13 excuses that serious bloggers do not hide behind, get moving!

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Not Now Is Not the Right Time

Because you think. You’re the only one who’s tired and having moods? The only one to doubt? To say that the content you create. Nobody cares? Don’t you think that many of us free up a morning slot before starting to work on our other activities? Even the best bloggers have encountered and still encounter obstacles. Ask sylvain if he didn’t see it when he started out (hey! That’s a good idea for a post!). There will always be something in your way. And most of the time, this obstacle, it is you alone who removes it, who puts a spoke in your wheels. All bloggers on the planet face these problems that you consider insurmountable.

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