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Most importantly these must be absolute, not relative, canonical URLs. Although this is the only required tag here, there are a few optional properties lastmod Specifies the date when the file was last modified. This must be in W C date format . For example, if you updated an article on September , , then the attribute would be . You can also add the time, but this is optional. priority Specifies the priority of the URL relative to all other URLs on the page. The values ​​range between . and . . Higher is more important. changefreq Specifies how often the page is likely to change. Its purpose is to give search engines an idea of ​​how often they should recrawl the URL. Valid values ​​here are always , hourly , daily , weekly , monthly , yearly , and never.

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Unfortunately I don’t really have them. The USA Phone Number List numbers I will use below are not correct in any case. They are just a guess to show how things work. Assumption The total number of monthly Google searches in the US is approximately billion source Assumption The search volume for the term “Facebook” in the US is million according to Ahrefs Keywords Explorer Here is the table I created for this simulation excelimage To create a graph in the same way as Google Trends, you have to follow the following steps Calculate the relative popularity as the ratio of the term’s search volume to the total number of searches. Scale these values ​​proportionally so the maximum value is . Put the points on the graph. Google Trends graph simulation Popularity Month.

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This example leads to two important conclusions A search term’s popularity changes as the term’s search volume changes see May — June . That’s very obvious, isn’t it? A search term’s popularity will also change as the total number of searches DW Leads changes , even if the term’s search volume remains constant see June — July in my example above . Now you can see that the popularity used in Google Trends does not always correlate with the search volume of the term. But in most cases it does. If you take the keyword “Star Wars” for example, you will notice that the same peak December occurs in Google Trends and Ahrefs Keywords Explorer . Star wars example This is the case even though Keywords Explorer shows the search volume trend, while Google.


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