The Community Manager in the era of artificial intelligence

The paradigm shift. On February 4, 2004, a paradigm shift began in the relationship with our clients. At that time, more than a dozen social networks had already been created. However, the launch of Facebook undoubtedly marked a before and after in the way we relate to other people. Large companies did not take long to realize that something was growing exponentially. It had such an amount of user data that it was going to have enormous. Importance in the way in which companies. Related to customers. This milestone was a boost for other networks that had started shortly. Before (such as LinkedIn) and opened the door for new networks. Models (instagram, twitter, pinterest, snapchat, and qzone…). The community manager. In the era of artificial intelligence.

The proliferation of networks

It was so overwhelming that the world of work soon created the figure of the community manager, basically dedicated to serving and managing all those users who communicated with companies through this new channel. Along with the profession, the need arose to measure the work of these new figures and some of the chosen metrics were the Colombia Phone Number List number of followers achieved or the number of likes that a new publication obtained. There are still companies and new entrepreneurs that measure the work of these professionals in this way. When looking to hire a community manager, they are asked how many posts they will publish per week, how many followers they will get and how many likes their products will have.

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Artificial intelligence and its relationship with people

The use of artificial intelligence in all areas of our lives is already an unstoppable trend. Repetitive, monotonous or dangerous jobs are the ones that will be replaced in the first place, but the evolution of virtual brains will go further. I recently had the pleasure of attending a conference by one of the main executives of Google Spain on this subject. He recounted one of the last cases that have been experienced in the Californian company. The main function of DW Leads of Google is the processing and storage of data. To do this, they have a huge number of servers in the most remote places in the world. Apart from the investment in the equipment, the main expense of these data centers is power consumption. After powering the equipment, cooling it is the main cost item.

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