The Expertise Blog to Boost Your Btob Business

The blog is, today, for companies, and in particular startups. A new means of communicating which can prove to be very effective, but which is above all. Relatively inexpensive. In fact, the challenge remains daunting… web marketing training reduce. Customer acquisition costs in btob, a blog can reduce the cost of customer acquisition by replacing the usual. Prospecting techniques: phoning, mailings, advertising. Less intrusive, if it is well positioned, it will allow. You to support the decision-makers in the purchasing process and, thus, to DW Leads let the “prospects” come to you. First of all, we will define what an expertise blog is. For me, there are two types of blog for a company: – the news blog : associated with the website.

Find a Niche to Target Your Audience

It provides information on the news of the company, its customers. Its new products… It is therefore an improved news system, which will make it possible to provide content. To updated on your website; you will therefore improve your seo. – the expertise blog : this is. A blog on opportunity seekers mailing lists which you deal with subjects on which you are specialists. The objective is to generate content. That provides expertise that will be valued by your target during the decision-making process. On this type of blog. The main theme is not your company, but rather the sector in which you operate. Indeed, writing an article that praises the merits of its product.

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Guide Leads Through the Buying Process

Service will lack, in the eyes of readers, objectivity and therefore credibility. To illustrate my point, i will talk about my personal experience. Our company, moobz, offers innovative services for the real estate industry. Wishing to create a btob blog, we gave birth to immobilier 2.0. Today there are hundreds of blogs that talk about real estate prices, real estate news, tax exemption… however, none talked about innovation, new technologies and web strategy for the real estate sector. We therefore reach marketing decision-makers and early adopters in the sector, people who are most likely to consume our services.

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