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This text is an example of authoritarianism and bureaucracy and a classic example of an antiartistic approach. Commenting even epigrammatically on this finding will occupy the column for a total of three consecutive weeks on the same day. First the style. Images of a rusty past. The aim of the conclusion is to create. A suffocating grid of arrangements which photograph both. The future regulators of our photographic things and the kind of photography that will be produced and enhanced.

The anonymous author of the opinion

Than four photography centers with related Clipping Path Service or identical objectives which will employ initially more than people appointed directly or indirectly by the respective Minister of Culture. Instead of strengthening private artistic initiatives these centers aim to replace them at all levels by organizing seminars lectures exhibitions and publications while weakening those private institutions that do not meet their liking. The anonymous author of the opinion in his desire to outline things according to his own views attempts discrimination as we will see in the following notes which in the field of art and in fact in this case closely controlled by the State is not only useless but also arbitrary and dangerous.

Clipping Path Service

The same time taking away from

The creation of such a legislated bureaucratic DW Leads framework combined with ideological guidelines is not going to help the production of artistic work while it will foster the birth of mandarins and czars of photography while cultivating an official state artistic line. At a time when it is internationally recognized. That statism and professionalism have not helped. Art while at the same time taking away from. Its subversive character and at a time when trends are forming everywhere to support the small anonymous.

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