The Formula for Successful Communication

Number of views 1,065 share this article on facebook. Share this article on twitter share this article on linkedin share this article by email share this article by whatsapp. Today the term csr or csr (corporate social responsibility or corporate social responsibility) is very fashionable . These DW Leads acronyms refer roughly to the set of voluntary actions that a company carries. Out to guarantee or participate in a better future for society with the dual objective of improving its image. As a responsible brand compared to other competitors. However, i prefer to summarize it. With a “from saying to doing” that is almost never fulfilled. More than ever, to generate trust in the markets. And in companies, the word trust should be the flag that leads any business.

The Equation for Successful Communication

Confidence not only related to quality. But to the way of proceeding and especially to transmit messages. To convey trust, communication. Must be worked on until successful communication is buy business email list achieved. Obviously, a message must be accompanied. By firm compliance purposes. Credibility is important, since few defrauded clients fall again in the acquisition of a product by a company that has defrauded them, except for masochists or captive clients who cannot escape, as is the case of clients with more or less closed mortgages. , or the electricity market until relatively recently.

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A Company Achieves Success

The equation for successful communication newton already said it in his principle of action-reaction. Everything we do or say causes an impact, a consequence that must be measured in terms of the effects caused in the recipient of the impact. Building a solid brand can take years, but destroying it can be done in a few seconds.these acts have to be consistent (coh) , that is, i cannot promise something and then not fulfill it by filling my mouth with excuses. If we are able to comply up to this point, we would have to be consistent with the strategic approach that we have proposed and that we are putting into practice, we can aspire to great things, but measuring risks and impacts.

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