The Irruption of Commercial Geolocation and 5 Geomarketing Tools

Marketing is a “multidisciplinary discipline”. And many professionals think so. Marketing theories have unified sociological foundations, principles of psychology. Even mathematical and statistical DW Leads models. In this context, the union of marketing and geography. Has given rise to geomarketing. Its evolution has experienced a great advance with new technologies. Appearing marketing tools that we are going to define in this article. The distribution of flyers and advertising posters. Are traditional marketing tactics, under the influence of geographical proximity . Now, geomarketing goes much further. Without going any further, who has not searched google maps for nearby establishments? At this point the opportunity appears for those companies that are present and the risk for those.

The Fundamental Element of Geomarketing: Information in Real Time

That have not adapted to this trend. Geomarketing, its relationship with mobile marketing and technological. Evolution in a nutshell, geomarketing is the application of geographic data to marketing Australian mobile number strategies. The objective is to offer what is closest, adjusts to demand and is available at the required time. Specifically. It is about applying geolocation techniques to the commercial strategies of establishments or online stores. Similarly, this variable is used in the process of segmentation of demand and selection of the target audience. Therefore, geomarketing can be understood from two perspectives: use geographic elements as market. Analysis variables that help make the decision to locate the business in a specific geographic area.

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Geomarketing in the Company Benefits and Procedure to Implement It

It is closely related to geographic information systems ( gis ), applied to one of the basic variables of marketing: distribution. In short, it answers the following question: is there demand in this geographical area? Apply geolocation to business strategies . It is about knowing the exact geographical location of an object or a person. Depending on your situation, the commercial offer will be different. Therefore, this geomarketing strategy makes it possible for a message to reach the right consumer , at the right time. The use of the information offered by geolocation and the creation of useful databases for businesses make up the geomarketing tools. In this way, a baby clothing company will not establish itself in an aging population, and gas stations and service stations will appear on gps navigation maps.

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