How does the legendary team of flexible talents exist?

As our business slowly expanded, our team recruited a group of experienced friends from colleagues, and also transferred some outstanding management talents from other brands in PageGroup and entered PageGroup’s other blood。Their experience has brought us new inspiration, and we have also promoted Page Contracting to a new level in the process of learning their experience。In the process, we were very lucky to welcome Janice’s joining。After working for Michael Page for 3 years, Janice briefly joined a competitor company, but eventually chose to return to Page Contracting。

The following time gives us two important teammates Angelina and Janice, and ask them to share their journey in Page Contracting。

How did you grow fast?

First of all, PageGroup is a place where you will pay off if you work hard, and it will also give employees more room for growth and development and learning opportunities. In the past two years of PageGroup, I have involved recruitment in various fields. From the beginning of human resources, finance, to the present Photo Retouching Service information technology/digital field。As the team gradually expands, I have also been encouraged to step out of the comfort circle, and whenever I enter the next stage, the company will give me the corresponding training resources so that I can adapt to the new one better and faster. character。

During this period, I felt that I also needed to face every challenge with growth thinking, because I was doing a relatively new business at Page Group with a relatively fast pace, and today’s projects will often appear tomorrow. Delivery situation。For this reason, I will prepare the resources at hand with the team at any time. In fact, our team is relatively lively in character, so they often share and support each other。

What about this relatively new business team?

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First of all, I am a person who prefers to try new things. Doing new business in PageGroup is like standing on the shoulders of giants. It has rich resource accumulation, systematic business processes, good brand DW Leads image and perfect Consultancy training mechanism, etc。These resources can support consultants who do new business to start businesses faster and more securely in a shorter period of time, and not easily overturn。

At the same time, the concept of flexible talent mostly based on basic functional positions in the Chinese market, but we also find that in the middle and high-end market, many companies have different types of pain points that can solved by recruiting flexible talents。Unfortunately, there are very few headhunting companies that can provide corresponding resource support in the market.

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