Dropshipping, the Logistical and Strategic Alternative to Create an Ecommerce

Would you like to start an e-commerce without. Assuming the high costs of maintaining a physical warehouse, storing stock, managing an. Inventory and processing the entire order DW Leads shipping process? Surely you have heard or heard of “dropshipping”. A term that is very fashionable today, and that is the preferred option of many entrepreneurs who decide. To create an online business. What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is an online business model based. On intermediation between a supplier or manufacturer and the final consumer. It is a special type of e-commerce. In which the seller does not need to have any type of facilities to store stocks, since all the logistics management.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dropshipping

Of the orders is carried out by the supplier. In this way, the intermediary seller (the “dropshipper”) can focus. All their efforts on attracting new customers to their ecommerce and on providing better customer service. Therefore, there are 3 key players involved in the dropshipping model : the manufacturer, supplier. Or wholesaler the intermediary seller the end customer how does dropshipping work and. What is the difference between a standard retail business and a dropshipping model? The biggest difference how to call a german phone number between. A standard retailer and a dropshipping model is that in the latter, the seller does not need to have inventory or store stock. For the customer there is no difference between buying in a traditional online store or in a dropshipping .

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How to Start a Dropshipping Business?

The result is the same, as soon as the online store receives the payment, it resends the order and the user will not even know if they have placed the order to an intermediary seller or a direct supplier. The best way to understand how dropshipping works is to analyze its different phases: inesem business school expert course in ecommerce and social media management more information phase 1. The customer places the order for the items in the online store. Fase 2. The online store requests the products that the customer’s order consists of from a manufacturer, wholesaler or collaborating supplier. Phase 3. The manufacturer or wholesaler makes the shipment and delivers the merchandise directly to the address indicated by the customer.

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