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It would be unnatural not to have the corresponding percentage of substantial power over all sectors. Moreover the standardized almost touristquality characterizations attributed to Thessaloniki whether they come from its residents or from its visitors do not help respect for its essential character. No city is more romantic than others and now everywhere one can taste mussels and bougainvillea. Thessalonians themselves as at least ironic.

The Thessalonians and among them many

Thessaloniki can be a bride but fortunately Illustrator Art Work the North has many brides at least as many as the South. As for the artists who according to a diligently cultivated reputation abound in Thessaloniki fortunately history has proven that their number and quality do not depend on geographical origins. I really do not know what power can convince the Thessalonians and among them many of my friends that their city and their life has joys and beauties that many would envy and that it is not certain that happiness today resides more in the capitals from the provinces.

Illustrator Art Work

The inhabitants of any other country

I don’t know how to explain to them that DW Leads their worth and their success is not measured in comparison with the behavior of Athens and the Athenians but based on their own particularity. And finally I cannot believe that they do not understand that the essential threat does not come from the Athenians or from the inhabitants of any other country or city but from a cultural economic and social behavior that tends with leveling uniformity to cover everything and towards the which everyone seems to wish to be like. Those who see it and fight it Disagreements and curses are naturally born. Only they are related to specific people and not to the city they come from the football team they support or the religion they embrace.

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