The Non-Logo. Trend in Business Branding Strategies

Logos matter but they are no longer essential. The no-logo is the new fashion. A correct branding already goes much further than a logo and a corporate. Image in accordance with the values ​​of a DW Leads business. Today many other aspects that give rise to creativity. Come into play : color, types, textures, shapes or even patterns are just a few examples of what. Designers and marketing professionals can use to make a company and an organization recognizable. Certain brand. In fact, the latest trend in business branding is the “no-logo” and it represents a complete. Change of attitude on the part of marketers. It consists of eliminating the traditional anagram of a brand.

The No-Logo: New Trend?

To represent it with a series of images, style and colors, among others, that make it clearly recognizable. What’s more, according to the world’s leading online design companies , designers must broaden their. Horizons and work in a more open and comprehensive way in order how do i get a korean phone number to find innovative elements to apply. In the representation of any brand. The no-logo: new trend? However, it is not a new concept: already. In 2009 the american clothing company freshjive decided to change the approach of the brand by removing. Its logo entirely. It was in 2010 when they finally removed the logo and if we search any of their clothing, their website or their labels we will not find any logo that identifies them.

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What Is the Position of Companies Like Coca-Cola and Apple?

They have been with this strategy for more than 5 years and, with this, it is more than proven that the precepts published by naomi klein in her book “no-logo: the power of brands” on the influence of brands in today’s society can materialize in practically any type of business, being able to increase your sales . Since always, if we think about branding, we usually associate the concept with a logo . However, we overlook many other aspects that create a brand image and can convey much more culture and business principles than a simple logo. What is the position of companies like coca-cola and apple? Since the beginning of freshjive , there are not a few companies that believe in the “no-logo” and have applied it in their marketing strategies.

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