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The characteristics of Greekness were more in the direction of universality dispersion panspermia and tolerance rather than the delineation that is being attempted today. But a mistake committed at least by the pure supporters of this isolation is that they forget that each person is a unique unit whose complex personality differs from that of his neighbor just as the biological heritage of his cells differs. The isolation of one of its characteristics and its inflation into a species category which preferentially links it to other similar specimens hides the seeds of racism. Each of us is not only Greek.

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He belongs at the same time to many other Photo Retouching categories which define him equally and which make him related to other people of these various categories. Let us consider as a great conquest the essential collapse of borders and Manichean differences. And let us not attempt to strengthen old distinctions and create new ones. And this is in addition to being arbitrary also dangerous.

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There are words loaded with weight and DW Leads value beyond question. One of them is the word hope whose content has been inflated to. A level equivalent if not synonymous with life itself. Those who even for a moment feel this word. Escaping them and its essence abandoning. Them are suddenly at the limit of their weakness not only to enjoy life but even to watch it unfold. However life is not hope. Rather it is a succession of dashed hopes. Images we’ve made that we notice are undone or altered when it’s time to live them. Plans and dreams for happiness love and success which lose their luster as the moment approaches to enjoy them.

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