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User must abide by the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. There are different types of monetization models that may have more specific rules. How to monetize TikTok? Few TikTok users are aware of the monetization functionality that the social network offers. Not knowing this information is something that makes many people fail to take advantage of the opportunity to generate extra income with the app. Check out the tips below. Invite friends One of the best known ways to earn money on TikTok is to invite new users to the social network. Subscribed to the social network and works through the distribution of invitations.

You need to send invitations to people

In addition, To use the system, who don’t use the social network yet. As people create accounts using your code, you’ll be able to get TikTok coins that convert Belarus Phone Number List to cash. 2. Complete daily missions TikTok also has daily missions that can be performed by users to earn coins. These tasks are usually quite simple, like watching a certain number of videos through the app in the day. In addition, By completing enough missions. However, be aware that the number of tasks is limited, the longer you are in the app, the fewer tasks will appear. Make lives to receive gifts Those who already have more than 1 follower can take advantage of TikTok lives to earn money.

To do this, just adjust your settings to enable

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The functionality to receive gifts from your audience. In addition, This way it will be possible for your audience to send points in the form of. Rubies and “Diamonds” to DW Leads be exchanged for money. Those who reach the mark of 100 thousand followers will also receive the possibility of enabling the sending of gifts in their videos. 4. Use Affiliate Links Another way to monetize. TikTok is a strategy that is quite common in other social networks: the use of affiliate links. The app allows you to add clickable links in your bio and posts, a feature that allows you to direct your audience to products and services that can generate commissions. It is important to research well about the items that will be offered in your profile.

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