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Consumers are taking window shopping online Consumers are carefully considering who they buy from Consumers expect better value than ever Consumers expect extensive delivery options for everything Consumer demand will remain dynamic For businesses to succeed moving forward, they need to be able to respond and adapt well, understand the changing demands of consumers, and make it easy for customers to browse, buy and receive their products. Meeting these new consumer behavioral trends that became more evident through COVID will ensure your business continues to thrive. New Types Of Google Searches Throughout the pandemic, there was a significant increase in skills-based searches.

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With more people confined to their homes and with limited services available, more consumers took a more assertive approach to DIY. An increasing number of consumers sought the skills to complete everyday tasks at home, such as cooking, decorating, landscaping, grooming, and a range of other tasks. With more time on their hands, more consumers also began to search for inspiration for home improvements online, how to stay entertained at home, and of course, how to remain connected with their loved Venezuela Phone Number List ones. Search phrases that have become more common during the pandemic and are expected to continue to feature highly include: Knowledge searches such as How to make a robot, a popular search term in Nigeria. Inspiration/Ideas searches such as “home gym ideas”, a popular search term in Germany. “Work from home” searches such as “comfortable office chair, a popular search term in France.

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Well-being” searches such as “virtual gym”, a popular search term in Spain. “Community” searches such as “games to play with friends”, a popular search term in Spain. “Entertainment searches” such as “online board games”, a popular search term in France. This trend creates an excellent opportunity for digital marketers to produce optimized content DW Leads for these search terms. For example, if your company sells paint, you could start a blog featuring articles such as “How to choose the right paint color for your interior”, “Living room decor ideas”, or “ways to make painting fun for the whole family.

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