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For assistance on digitally transforming your business, contact WSI today, or view our top-rated webinars on our website. WSI Digital Marketing Consultant Denise Bowen is passionate about helping businesses reach their growth goals. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of digital marketing, including web user experience (UX), conversion rate optimization, paid ads. Search engine optimization, Denise hosted a recent webinar on measuring the success of your digital marketing. Watch the webinar recording here and read our recap below. Benefits of Measuring Online Lead Gen Activities Knowing how well your current marketing efforts are performing. Delivering the best results helps you make smarter decisions.

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You can calculate the ROI by quantifying the dollars made from each effort. You will see what to continue and what needs to be stop or change. This, in turn, guides your decisions on next year’s marketing budget allocation. It is not just marketing that can be changed – these metrics also offer insights about changes necessary in your Italy Phone Number List operations and systems. 1. Understanding the Metrics Better There is so much out there; focus on tracking what is important to you. Below are some key metrics many businesses monitor. User info is useful when marketing efforts are in place to bring people to your website.

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Website traffic total traffic, new users, and traffic source (organic, paid, social) Demographics location, age, and gender of those who search for your site directly from the URL bar Technology device type, device info, and browser Activity page views, duration, and conversion rate (the number of users who took the desired action over the total number DW Leads of site visitors) Website leads are created when visitors complete a goal and convert on your website. These conversions can include things like phone calls (tracked through a phone tracking service on your website page).  Form submissions, newsletter subscription sign-ups, or online chats (for example, how many chats were started compared to how many convert into customers.

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