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Many consumers and Internet users are wary of ads but maybe that’s because most ads are poorly targeted and invasive? As marketers, we can do better! Step 2: Advertise On the Appropriate Ad Networks It’s impossible to make a catchall ad platform recommendation because the truth is the best platform is different for every business. If you have a great Facebook business page and receive lots of engagement on your posts, then Facebook Ads are for you. But if you don’t have an existing audience on Facebook then you aren’t likely to generate one with a few ads.

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Like it is for many other digital marketing components, knowing your audience is more than half the battle in achieving success. Step 3: Put Campaign Tracking in Place When you implement campaign tracking as part of your digital advertising strategy, you’ll immediately know when certain keywords, times or target groups aren’t working. And to a Costa Rica Phone Number List strategy that revolves around paying money for clicks, it’s crucially important to stop your campaigns the moment they aren’t performing to the standards you expect – because then you’re just wasting money. Put campaign tracking in place it’s worth the extra work.

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Carry Out Split Tests In the same way tracking campaigns is important, split testing similar keywords, images and text is a great way to maximize the ROI of your digital advertising campaigns. If you’ve got two keywords you like you don’t have to guess which one is better – split test them and use the one that performs better! Building an App Building an DW Leads app is an effective (and easy) way to increase traffic to your business website or digital marketing services. Work with an app creator to help you to design an app that works best for your business. Once you set up your app, you need to get customers to download it and purchase your services.

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